Knotwood Cladding

Are you looking for a feature to set your project apart from the rest? Do you need cladding system that won’t fuel a fire or swell and crack during the storm season? Why not try Knotwood?

Knotwood products are made from 100% Australian aluminium protected by a durable wood-grain powder coat finish. It’s totally immune to rust, rot, insects and will never warp, split or crack. Even extreme heat or freezing cold can’t damage Knotwood. Coated in Knotwood’s award winning wood grain finish, it meets the highest finishing standards in the world. Backed by an industry leading AAMA 2604 15 year warranty you can be sure that Knotwood cladding won’t let you down.

The unique cladding system creates a clean finish that hides any unsightly screws or rivets. The interlocking system makes your Knotwood project a smart choice when water penetration is a concern. On top of that Knotwood cladding requires next to no maintenance, just a quick wash with warm water will keep it looking brand new from the day it goes in.

Why wait for an inferior system to cost you time and money, damaging your home in the process? Let Knotwood cladding protect your home, it won’t let you down and it’ll look great while doing it.

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