Knotwood Decks

Your home and what you put on it are an investment. A deck, veranda or patio can add huge value to your home. By choosing Knotwood you’ll know your decking is safe because it’s made from high-quality marine grade aluminium and can’t rust, rot or crack. It is manufactured in Australia, so you’ll know it’s going to meet the proper building standards. It has a durable finish backed by a 15 year warranty, so you’ll know you don’t have to worry about it fading, chipping or chalking. You’ll know that the deck doesn’t require expensive and time consuming maintenance. You’ll know that you got exactly the colour you wanted because you picked from a huge range of wood grain and solid colours.

Take the risk out of your investment. Make the smart choice like thousands of others around the world. Choose Knotwood Decking for your home and reap the benefits from having the original and the best.

Project Guide – Decking